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The Presidente Cigar Box

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The Presidente Cigar Box is handcrafted in Spanish cedar, maple burl and abalone shell. It measures 8″long x 4″ wide and 1.5″ thick, and will hold two cigars no more than 6″ in length.

Get it between Jun 21 - Jun 28,2024

Inlay a Personal Message (+$39)

Inlay a meaningful message to the interior of your fly box.

Initials in Abalone Shell (+$79)

Add a 2 or 3 initial monogram to the back of item.

Initials in Contrasting Wood (+$59)

Add a 2 or 3 initial monogram to the back of item.


The Presidente Cigar Box



We believe that life is too short to smoke bad cigars and too short not to relish the craftsmanship of an A.L. Swanson Cigar Box. Allow us to take pleasure in your pleasure.

Our cigar boxes are not humidors and are not designed for long-term storage. They are meticulously built for the imminently enjoyable trip or outing, as an accompaniment to the beauty and luxury of the here and now. They are prepared to transport your cigars with pride. Our cigar boxes complement the taste, smell, and flavor of your cigars.

Clean, sleek, and dignified, our cigar boxes never come in contact with any type of varnish or stain. The cigar lays in the trough interior, protected and safe. Our wooden bodies are built exclusively of aromatic Spanish Cedar. However, the inlay wood and interior liner choices are limitlessly customizable. Wooden cigar boxes can be tailored to fit the diverse tastes of enthusiasts.

This box has been finished with varnish and requires minimal care.  We recommend not leaving the box exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.  If exposed to excess moisture, leave open to air-dry and apply a few drops of quality lubricating oil to each hinge.

Shipping and handling is $9 for 1-2 boxes. 3-25 is $4 each. For orders over 25 boxes please contact Al Swanson directly at 406.439.6397.
Expedited shipping, international, or other special requirements, please contact us for a quote.

**Please allow 15 business days for your Cigar Box to be shipped. Are you in a rush for that special gift however? Though most Cigar Boxes are built to order, we often keep several styles in stock. Please let us know of any special requirements via email at [email protected], or by phone at (406) 439-6397.

We guarantee our boxes for one year from the purchase date against defect in workmanship & materials.  Normal wear & tear can be expected with excessive usage.  Simply return your box to us and we will replace it at no cost.

The photos shown of our Cigar Boxes are accurate representations of the box you will receive. However, because they are made from wood, you may expect variations in color, tone and grain on occasion. If there’s a particular wood you’d like to have yours made from, let us know – we’d love to accommodate you!