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Creek Series Net

While wade fishing small creeks in the backcountry, I am always conscious of the gear needed to keep me successful and comfortable on the water. On a  trip to the incredible creeks of south-central Pennsylvania , I was imagining the perfect net that could handle large fish, and yet not weigh me down.  This inspired me to design one that could be easily packed in a wading belt or sling pack and was perfectly balanced to land those squirrelly PA browns. The artist in me demanded that we use only the finest materials available,  like black walnut – old and majestic trees that just happen to line the creek banks I fished that day. The end result wasn’t just the finest net on the market, but rather art elevated to utility. Here is the newest net in our  Creek Series: sized for comfort; shaped to perfection; inlaid meticulously; and signed with integrity.

Materials used: Lacewood, black walnut, tiger maple, wenge, zebra wood, abalone shell, and metals.
Shown in black walnut, with the streamer fly inlay.

  • A contoured handle for slippery hands
  • A rubber basket tied and ready for the waters
  • A metal post to tie to any anglers preferred method
  • Nets are easily stored in a pack and can handle Missouri-sized trout…in style.

Net Basket Size: 11" W x 16" L x 11" D
Handle Length: 9"
Dimensions: 12" W x 25.5" L x 3/4" D
Get it between Jul 14 - Jul 21,2024
Dry Fly
Wet Fly

Initials in Abalone Shell (+$79)

Add a 2 or 3 initial monogram to the back of item.

Initials in Contrasting Wood (+$59)

Add a 2 or 3 initial monogram to the back of item.


Creek Series Net



This net has been finished with varnish and requires minimal care. We recommend leaving the net to air dry after each use.

We welcome the opportunity to customize a net for you. Please contact us directly to discuss making your investment a one-of-a-kind heirloom. Click here to contact us.

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