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Gallatin Landing Net

Many people may recognize the Gallatin River as the site where most of the acclaimed motion picture, A River Runs Through It was filmed. This River is heavy with run-off and has a unique soil structure, giving it a look all its own. Mahogany was chosen to represent the copper-brown look of the run-off and the Gallatin’s particular soil structure.

  • A contoured handle for slippery hands
  • A rubber basket tied and ready for the waters
  • A metal post to tie to any anglers preferred method
  • Nets are easily stored in a pack and can handle Missouri-sized trout…in style.

Net Basket Size: 11" W x 16" L x 11" D
Handle Length: 9"
Dimensions: 12" W x 25.5" L x 3/4" D
Get it between Apr 18 - Apr 25,2024

Initials in Abalone Shell (+$79)

Add a 2 or 3 initial monogram to the back of item.

Initials in Contrasting Wood (+$59)

Add a 2 or 3 initial monogram to the back of item.

Gallatin Full

Gallatin Landing Net



This net has been finished with varnish and requires minimal care. We recommend leaving the net to air dry after each use.

We welcome the opportunity to customize a net for you. Please contact us directly to discuss making your investment a one-of-a-kind heirloom. Click here to contact us.

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